China Coal xi 'an Design Engineering co., LTD(Formerly known as coal industry design and research institute of xi 'an)

China Coal Xi’an Design Engineering Co., Ltd (the original name is Xi’an Design and Research Institute of Coal Industry Department) was established in 1954. It was an A level comprehensive design institute in China. It is affiliated to China National Coal Group Corp. In 2006, it was renamed as China Coal Xi’an Design Engineering Co., Ltd.

The company holds more than 10 A level qualifications, such as a comprehensive A level on engineering survey, A level on engineering consultation, A level on engineering design, A level in coal industries (e.g. mine, open air mine and screening factory), professional A level in civil industries (e.g. township fuel gas engineering, heating engineering and environment or sanitary engineering), A level in building industries (e.g. building engineering), A level on environmental effect appraisal, A level on water and soil conservation act, A level on surveying and mapping, A level on geological disaster treatment engineering survey, A level on geological disaster treatment engineering design, A level on geological disaster treatment engineering appraisal and professional A level of environment engineering (air pollution protective engineering). It holds more than 10 B level qualifications in the following aspects: B level on engineering consultation, B level on engineering design, professional B level in highway industry (e.g. highway), professional B level in electricity industry (e.g. thermal power), professional B level in civil industries (e.g. water supply engineering and water exhaust engineering), professional B level on environment engineering (e.g. water pollution protection engineering, solid waste treatment and dispose engineering and physical pollution prevention engineering) and B level on city planning compiling. Besides, we have the qualifications on pressure piping, import and export right, license of contracting an engineering, engineering supervision, engineering program management, A level qualification on contracting a foundation and infrastructure construction program, qualification to contract a electromechanical equipment installation professionally and license of production safely.

Now ,we have more than 1,300 professional staff including 1 design master, 1 supervision master, 69 professor level senior engineers, 439 middle-to-high level technical persons and 322 registered persons totally including A level architect, A level structure personnel, civil planning personnel, counselors, supervisors, cost appraisal persons, A level personnel on electric, mining, mechanical engineering. Our company owns the leading professional technology on mine, screening factory, open air mine design, whole engineering contracting, consultation and coal mine automatic control. There are hundreds of projects which were designed us, has put went into operation, ten thousands of individual works was established. We have created a record of more than 80 “The No.1” in the industry. Our businesses are spread many districts such as Shaanxi, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Ningxia, Gansu, Xinjiang, etc. It is a survey and design company with the most 10 million kilogram coal mines which have been designed and established in China. Since the company has been established for 60 years, it has been granted by the state and province as 157 times of A level prizes, 149 times of B level prizes and 145 times of C level prizes in total, including the stated granted golden design prizes for Daliuta Coal Mine, Yujialiang Coal Mine and Taixi Coal Screening Factory, and the Yangchangwan Coal Mine was granted as One of the Hundreds of Splendid Engineerings Since the birth of new China for 60 years. In 2000, the company was certified by ISO9001 International Quality System. In 2003, we passed the 2000 version certification. In 2013, we were certified by the quality, environment occupation health and safety management system. We often communicate and cooperate internationally actively. We undertook the engineering designs and technical consultations for Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, India, Pakistan, Mongolia, Australia, South Africa, etc. We signed a strategic agreement with MMD and ABB companies. The company takes the advantages of talents and technology to develop the three main businesses, they are survey and design, whole engineering contracting and engineering technical consultation. We will innovate to lead the development direction in coal industry, and we will try our best to provide perfect systematical services.

  • 19541954
  • 19601960
  • 19811981
  • 19921992
  • 20002000
  • 20032003
  • 20062006
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  • 1954

    Xi’an Coal Design Institute was established on the basis of the Design Office of Northwest Coal Administration.

  • 1960

    Xi’an Coal Design Institute was changed to Ministry of Coal Industry Xi’an Design and Research Institute, and it was affiliated to Ministry of Coal Industry.

  • 1981

    Ministry of Coal Industry declared that Xi’an Design and Research Institute is one of the top seven design institutes affiliated to Ministry of Coal Industry.

  • 1992

    Ministry of Coal Industry Xi’an Design and Research Institute was granted the honor of National Top Hundred Survey and Design Companies.

  • 2000

    Ministry of Coal Industry Xi’an Design and Research Institute was transferred to be an enterprise from an institution.

  • 2003

    Ministry of Coal Industry Xi’an Design and Research Institute was merged into China National Coal Group Corp.

  • 2006

    Ministry of Coal Industry Xi’an Design and Research Institute was renamed as China Coal Xi’an Design Engineering Co., Ltd.

  • 2012

    China Coal Xi’an Design Engineering Co., Ltd was moved into the new office building-China Coal Mansion

  • 2014

    60th Anniversary of China Coal Xi’an Design Engineering Co., Ltd.

Days of broad wide, ambitious exhibition, the company based on now, look to the future, science formulation "2014-2018 development plan"
According to"a steady (stable plan, consulting sector development, strive to seek improvement in stability)"
Two fast (to speed up the transformation of the transition to engineering company, bigger and stronger engineering general contracting; speed up the adjustment of industrial structure)
Three strengthening, strengthen personnel training system, strengthen the introduction of enterprise technology innovation ability and management, to strengthen the construction of enterprise culture) "working train of thought
Keep in mind the "beautiful blueprint, dedicated high-quality goods project" of the enterprise mission, strengthen management, and management commitment to the " create industry flagship, leading the industry development, and gradually build international engineering company" corporate vision.

Our company has been in the first class of design in coal industry for six decades. At the same time, we also lead the industry actively with accomplishments of more than ten thousands projects. We also get marvelous grades by creating many first in coal industry with national gold prizes and more than 300 first and second prizes in investigation, consultation.