Company to develop the design as the leading engineering general contracting business, the contractor of the domestic first ready grass ditch coal mine, one of the largest coal preparation plant capacity of papaya, fuel calorific value of coal preparation plant is less than 1800 calories of dragon coal boiler project successfully and put into production; Annual output of 15 million ton coal mine, annual output of 5 million tons of large coal have yuan construction; General contracting of coalification and shaanxi shenmu electrochemical one batch of significant projects, etc. Wangjialing coal preparation plant won the award of national engineering general contracting copper keys, multiple projects won the coal industry outstanding engineering general contracting project survey and design enterprise gold, silver, bronze (with wangjialing coal preparation plant, coal preparation plant and cool water Wells huangling shaanxi no.2 coal mine coal preparation plant, mine coal preparation plant ephedra beam MEDALS);